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All About Camp Enchanted

A sleep away camp where children are given the opportunity to thrive, to be themselves, upgrade and learn new skills, to make memories,  put away the mobile devices, grow independence, gain new friends they will call family, and above all else have more fun than they could ever imagine. 

Everyone has to start from somewhere right?

With well over 40 years of experience between our founding directors, running and working at extremely successful day camps as well as gymnastics clubs, dance schools, performing arts and cheerleading clubs we have decided its time to put together a sleep away summer camp like no other.

Summer 2023 was our first year and what an incredible year it was!


Is there any better way to give children the ultimate experience than by collaborating our knowledge and all of our teaching techniques to give children the opportunities to explore all of our different workshops and sessions under one roof.


We don't believe there is any other camp like it in the UK. We are bringing together all of our expertise for a week of their lives they'll never forget. 

Opening Year 2023

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This Summer, our attentive and enthusiastic team have carefully designed a wide range of creative and challenging programs for campers of all ages and abilities. Campers can expect to train in their chosen major activity for around 4-6 hours per day and will also get a chance to try something new with a daily chosen minor. Campers will not only learn an abundance of new skills, but will push themselves beyond their comfort zones and ultimately work towards the Grand Showcase at the end of the week which will bring everyone together for a performance for all family members.


Outside the gyms and studios, campers will be able to make use of the outstanding facilities and have downtime by playing classic team bonding camp games such as capture the flag, swimming, Zumba classes, talent shows, discos, pizza night, laser tag and many many more.  

The Programme 

Our Philosophy

Through the world of gymnastics, dance, cheerleading and performing arts our campers learn to become a team and grow trust in others. In a world where todays youth is so heavily dependant on tiktoks and snap chats, we have a no device policy which encourages all campers to really zone in on their social skills and be able to fully commit to their chosen activities with maximum enjoyment.

At Camp Enchanted our staff will care for and look after your children like they are our own. Our team are comprised of a number of parents ourselves, so we fully understand what it means to have your Childs happiness and wellbeing at the heart of camp. 


Who can attend camp?

Camp Enchanted welcomes girls who are passionate about gymnastics, cheerleading, performing arts and dance between the ages of 8 - 17. From recreational to elite performers, our programme covers it all and ensures each individual to learn and thrive. 

Summer Camp 2023 is currently only accepting application from girls, however any boys who would like to join camp can fill in the interest form so we can gauge interest this year and we can then look at adding boys for future camps. 


If you only attend your local gymnastics club once a week - this camp is for you!


If you are on the National pathway, compete Regionally or even Nationally - this camp is for you!


If you always try your hardest at gymnastics and want to learn more - this camp is for you!


If you wish you could spend hours and hours in the gym - this camp is for you!

If you are part of a cheerleading team and are crazy about cheer - this camp is for you!


If you would love to improve your overall cheerleading - this camp is for you!


If you are a strong team player and love to spend time getting to know your new team mates - this camp is for you!


If you want to jump into cheerleading and work towards an end of week showcase - this camp is for you!


If you love to dance, and would love to do it all day, every day - this camp is for you!


If you are looking to improve your dancing and build confidence - this camp is for you!


If you would like to learn some new dance styles and choreography - this camp is for you!


If you are keen to immerse yourself in the world of dance for a week - this camp is for you!


CIT Programme

This is such a fantastic opportunity for our oldest campers to take part in camp but also show their maturity and take steps towards work. We are there to support their transition between teenager and adulthood.

Campers between the ages of 14-17 are eligible for the Coach-In-Training programme. These campers are able to still take part in daily activities and the weekly showcase but depending on what level CIT they are they will then select some sessions to assist the coaches and learn to become a coach or camp staff themselves as opposed to taking part in the activities.

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Camper Safety

Safety is our utmost priority at Camp Enchanted. 

We work very hard to ensure that your Childs week at Camp Enchanted will be fulfilling, action packed and above all safe. As parents we fully understand the concerns and worries you may have around sending your child to a sleep away camp, and that is why we only accept the very highest standard from our staff who are caring for your children. 

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