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Generl Questios

General Questions

Who can attend Camp Enchanted?

Camp in Summer 2023 is for girls between the age of 8-17 who simply love gymnastics, cheerleading or dance. There really is no other requirements! Campers do not need to have reached a certain competition level, or have a minimum set of skills they can perform. If you love making friends, love having fun and are ready to give everything a go then Camp Enchanted is for you.


What can my child expect to get out of Camp Enchanted?

From elite performers to complete beginners, Camp Enchanted has a place for each and everyone. For example, elite gymnasts who train multiple days a week and work so hard are able to come to camp, let their hair down (as it were) and thoroughly enjoy the sport whilst learning and thriving in the environment they love with very little pressure. Cheerleaders who have competed with their Teams at Novice, Regional or National Level competitions are all invited. Dancers who want to let loose, dance the week away and learn some new styles and choreography will quickly find their feet at Camp Enchanted. Gymnasts who are complete beginners are given the chance to attend daily clinics. These are entire sessions focussed on particular skills they would like to master such as a backwards walkover, round off flick, aerial to name a few. Cheerleaders are able to attend specific sessions such as fly clinics to tumble sessions and will be teamed up with cheerleaders of a similar ability to them.


What is a Major?

This is the main activity your child would like to attend camp for. This activity must be selected upon registration but can be changed any time before 1st May 2023. We will then be able to ensure we have the correct number of staff members in place for each activity. Campers will do this activity for around 4.5 hours each day. 


What is a Minor?

This is a 1.5 hour slot every day where campers will choose their minions at breakfast. Even if your child majors in Cheerleading, they are still able to choose cheerleading for their minor every day, but it allows for some flexibility, if they are keen gymnasts or dancers it gives them a chance to explore all the options available at camp. Some days minors may be a group activity to bring everyone together or they could choose to work out in the gym or a Zumba class when this is on offer.


What equipment do you have?

The Gymnasium is kitted out in an abundance of Olympic size equipment including a full sprung floor area, bars, beams, vaults, trampettes, air tracks, DMT, training aids, and more. Dance studios have ballet barres as well as full mirrored walls and performance areas. Cheerleaders have access to the sprung floor but will also have a non sprung floor and air tracks. 

We also have access to state of the art fully equipped workout gym including treadmills, bikes, rowing machines etc. The list is endless at Camp Enchanted as we are always working on our timetable to ensure campers receive the most well rounded experience and are exposed to as many activities as possible.


What is the camp timetable?

Closer to the start time, we will finalise and send out a fully extensive timetable so campers know exactly what to expect. 

Campers can expect to be in their chosen major for around 4.5 hours a day. Around these hours we will have our meal and snack times and afternoon / evening activities as well as 1 minor session of the day. These include things such as swimming, laser tag, movie nights, disco evening, talent shows, camp games such as capture the flag, camp fire & smores evening, BBQ and many more.


What will campers work towards?

We know how much our campers love a challenge. Therefore part of daily training will include their showcase practise. Campers will work towards an end of week showcase to perform for you at collection so you can see what they have learned during their time at camp. 

My child has never been to a sleep away camp before, will they be ok?

We have procedures in place to help with settling in, making friends, homesickness, finding their way round the campus, worrying about their training and more. We will buddy up campers on their first day so they always have a friend. After their first major session they’ll be put into a group of similar ability campers so they immediately have a group. We also split their bedroom corridors into groups and they will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner all together so they’re always part of a group and never sat alone. 


How do I book?  

Head over to the ‘book now’ button to book your space. 

Camp Arrangements

Camp Arrangements

How long is camp?

7 days / 6 nights. Campers check in on Sunday 20th August and check out is Saturday 26th August right after the Showcase.


How do we get to camp?

You can either check in your child to camp and stay for the Welcome Party or you can select the transfer option. We will be at Gatwick airport from 9.00am - 2.00pm on Sunday 20th August. Transfer is £20 each way. There is parking available on site for drop off and directions will be supplied in the welcome pack. 


How can I speak to my child at camp?

Phones, tablets, laptops and all technology are strictly prohibited at camp. This is to encourage socialising and we believe bed times are for much needed sleep, not scrolling. If you need to get hold of your camper please call the camp number or send us an email and we will get back to you. We will also send out a daily newsletter to show you what the girls have been getting up to each day. We will be taking an abundance of pictures and videos for them all to share.


What are the sleeping arrangements?

Bunks have between 1-4 beds in. Most rooms are twin and we encourage sharing where possible. We will always put younger campers in a sharing room and will reserve the single rooms for older or CIT’s. If you know the name of another camper attending camp and you would like to share rooms please let us know on the booking form. We will always do our best to accommodate 1-2 friends requests. 


Are staff available in the night?

Yes, there will be camp counsellors located in every boarding house. The children will be made aware of where the staff bedrooms are. 


What will my child be eating?

The chefs produce a freshly cooked meal for breakfast lunch and dinner. Examples of daily meals include bacon, eggs, cereals, shepherds pie, lasagne, fajitas, pesto salmon, vegetable paella just to name a few. 

There is a drinks bar where campers can help themselves to fresh juices, tea, water, hot drinks etc.

Any and all dietary requirements are catered for. Please ensure these are stated on your sign up forms. A sample menu is provided in your welcome pack.


How do we know what to pack?

You will be sent a packing list which will include essentials, recommended, and non essential items. We strongly suggest you label absolutely everything with your Childs clear name. Camp Enchanted does not take responsibility for any items lost or stolen whilst at camp. We do not allow mobile phones or tablets for the duration of the stay and discourage you to send children with valuables. 


Counsellor in training Programme

What is a CIT?

Campers between the ages of 14-17 are eligible for the Coach or Counsellor-In-Training programme. These campers are able to still take part in daily activities and the weekly showcase but depending on what level CIT they are they will then select some sessions to assist the coaches and learn to become a coach or camp staff themselves as opposed to taking part in the activities.


Junior CIT

A Junior CIT might be fairly new to starting to assist the staffing team. Typically between 14-16 years old, a Junior CIT and may not have had much previous experience in childcare or coaching. However they are natural nurturers, enjoy the thought of taking on a ‘big sister’ role and are keen to start learning how to become a counsellor or coach.


Junior CIT’s will drop 1 period / activity per day to assist the staff or coaches. They will still be able to take part in the Grand Showcase at the end of the week and still be involved in the activities their own age. 


We have a limit of 10 Junior CIT’s per session.

Senior CIT

A Senior CIT might already have some work or childcare experience or may even hold a level 1 certificate in coaching. Our camps are designed for children up to the age of 17 therefore the fun never ends!


Typically between 16-17 years old, Senior CIT’s are almost ready to start their journey as Camp Staff. This opportunity will give them an insight on life as a camper, understanding the needs of the younger campers and really embracing this opportunity to thrive with roles and responsibilities they 


Senior CIT’s will drop 2 periods / activities per day to assist the staff or coaches. They will still be able to take part in the Grand Showcase at the end of the week and still be involved in the activities their own age. 


We have a limit of 10 Senior CIT’s per session.



All CIT’s have a responsibility. They will be given a small group of 3-4 campers of the youngest age to be their ‘camp big sister’. They will check in on them daily, make sure they have their training bags packed, their water bottles refreshed and just generally help them find their way. CIT’s will also be assigned a Staff member to be their mentor who will guide them and provide feedback throughout their stay.

How to become a CIT

CIT spaces are limited. To apply to become a CIT you can select the option on the registration page. We will then send you an application form to fill in and schedule your zoom call. If your application is successful we will welcome you to the CIT programme and further information will be given. If after you have registered as a CIT but your application is unsuccessful, don’t panic! We will just transfer your camper onto the general camp and they will be able to attend camp this year as a camper. 

Will everyone who applies be accepted to the CIT programme?

Unfortunately we can not accept everyone. We are looking for young leaders who are pro-active, happy to help, willing to learn, genuinely enjoy looking after younger children and are eager to start their journey to become a coach or staff member at camp. As they will be using some of their sessions to assist the coaches the price is reduced, however if your application is unsuccessful you will be transferred to the full general camper rate and the full rate will be payable. This is not an option to select just because your child is of the age and you would like a reduced rate. 



How much is camp 2023?

Camp in Summer 2023 is £795 from August 20th - August 26th. Early booking price is 10% discounted at £715.50 if booked before 1st January 2023.


What is included in the price?

All qualified training sessions, a training t-shirt, re-fillable water bottle, 3 x cooked meals per day - a sample menu will be supplied in the welcome pack. Price also includes fresh bed linen, all activities, workshops.


What is not included in the price?

Towels, camp leotard, hoodie, anything from CampStash, transport to and from camp (this is an optional extra)


What is GymStash?

This is what we call the Campers Pocket Money. You are able to load money into their camp stash account at the start of the week, it is another way we encourage independence. Campers are able to spend their money during their stay. Examples would be tuck shop on movie night, Camp Enchanted notebooks they can share with new friends to write journal entries or messages for each other in, camp hoodie or leotard, or nightly treats which are limited (you are also able to put a limit on these). Any money that campers do not use by the final day is given back to you. 


What is the refund policy?

Please see the refund policy for more details.


Do you accept childcare vouchers? 

We currently do not accept childcare vouchers.


Do you offer discounts? 

Yes we do. Early discount booking is available at 10% off up until 1st January 2023. After this time we do not offer any further discounts. We also offer a sibling discount. 



Are the staff and coaches enhanced DBS checked?  



What kind of staff will be at camp?  

We will have a variety of gymnastics coaches, cheerleading coaches, dance teachers who all excel in various areas. Such as artistry, performance, choreography, stunting, acro, strength and conditioning, artistic and more. The coaches aside, a big chunk of staff are made up from our pastoral side. These are our Camp Counsellors. They will look after the children outside their majors, ensuring they are making the most of the extra activities, helping them to get organised at the start of every day, checking in with them regularly thought the day to make sure campers really are happy and much more. Counsellors are also there in times of homesickness or when campers just need someone to talk to.


Are the coaches First Aid trained?  

All of our lead coaches are first aid trained. Coaches see and deal with general injuries on a daily basis and are very well equipped to deal with these. We have first aid supplies in the gyms and round the camp and bedrooms. We also have a medical room where children are able to go when they are feeling unwell or injured. 


Will there be a nurse on site? 

In the day times a nurse will be on campus to administer any medication which is necessary. Overnight we have procedures in place with local doctors and hospitals contact details and you will be asked to confirm if you are happy for a member of staff to take your child to the hospital should this be necessary. (Please note staff will never be 1:1 with any child there will always be a minimum of 2 members of staff at all times).



What is the staff:child ratio? 

Within the majors the maximum ratio we will have is 1:8. However it is very likely it will be much less. 

Counsellors will look after a maximum of 12 children. CIT’s will be assigned to a maximum of 4 children. 

You child will be assigned a Counsellor, a CIT (if they are one of the younger campers) and become very familiar with the coaches too. 


Do you have male and female staff?

Yes. Coaches and team staff will be comprised of male and female staff.


What are your safe guarding procedures?

All adults over the age of 18 on campus will be enhance DBS checked. All coaches must complete their safeguarding in order to be able to coach and team staff will also undergo safeguarding. You and the campers will also be made aware who the camp welfare officer is. 



What risk assessments have you done?

All areas of the campus have been risk assessed. Inside the gymnasiums and studios we complete comprehensive risk assessments regularly for new equipment and potential risks. All afternoon / evening acuities have also been risk assessed. All staff members are made aware of the risk assessments during their training before camp starts and are provided with all necessary documentation.


What happens in the case of an emergency?

Staff are fully trained to deal with emergencies whether it is within the gymnasiums or anywhere else on site. We have a clear incident, accident and emergency plan in place. 


Do you have insurance in place?  

Yes. All insurance policies are in place. Children attending camp will also require their own insurance in place.


Do you have appropriate health and safety policies?  

Yes. We have all relevant health and safety policies in place. We take the children’s health and safety very seriously.


Unexpected Problems

What happens if my child is bullied?

We have a ZERO tolerance for bullying policy. Anyone who is feeling left out or picked on will be able to speak to their team staff at any point. We have a warning system in place and should the bullying issue persist we will contact the parents and this child will be removed from the camp.


What happens if my child misbehaves?

We do understand that at a sleep away camp sometimes the children get a sense of over excitement and independence however we believe this should be managed in a way that is not misconstrued as misbehaving. Should a child be misbehaving we will follow the warning procedure and if the issue persists we will contact you. 


Will you remove my child from camp?

Camp Enchanted reserves the right to remove any child from camp if they are making anyone else’s stay or the environment unpleasant. Children will be given a warning system and this is the last resort should their behaviour not improve. A refund will not be given for poor behaviour leading to removal from camp.


What happens if my child becomes poorly while at camp?

If you are aware of any prior health conditions we ask that you notify us within your sign up forms so we are aware of any recent illnesses or injuries. When children are unexpectedly sick, we will call the parents to discuss their illness or injury. Local doctors and hospitals are at hand if needed and children will be cared for in line with Camp Enchanted Health & Safety procedure. 


What happens if I have to cancel my Childs space? 

Please see our detailed refund policy for further clarification.


What happens if Camp Enchanted has to cancel a camp?

We will do everything possible to ensure this does not happen however in exceptional circumstances beyond our control, it may be necessary to cancel Camp Enchanted. In this instance, your payment will be refunded in full. 


How can I contact my child?

You will be able to call the designated camp contact number throughout your Childs stay. You can also email us which we will print out and pass on to the campers at meal times. We will confirm closer to the start date if the IT suites are available for campers to contact you directly. If they are feeling homesick or really need to speak with you they will be able to come to the main office and call you. 


What happens if my child has any medical issues that need attending to?  

When you fill out your form, you will be asked to outline any medical issues. All members of staff will be made aware of such issues and the nurse or first aiders can administer whatever is required.


Refunds & Cancellation

Can I cancel my Childs space?

Yes, please check the cancellation policy and submit the cancellation form.

Can I get a refund?

Please check the refund policy for more details which outlines all scenarios in full.

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