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Info for Parents

Summer 2024

There is so much to consider when sending your child to a sleep away camp, . If you have any further questions just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help. Once you sign up you will be sent an in depth welcome pack with even more information.


Helping my parents to pay

Camp Enchanted is such a magical place. We want to ensure that money isn't a reason why your child misses out on their time at camp.


Independence is such a large part of our camp life and your child will truly be given opportunities to make all kinds of decisions which encourage them to mature and grow in character. 


There is no better place to start than the moment you book onto camp. We believe there is no harm in teaching children the value of money and there is no reason why they can not help you to pay for their space at camp. After all, they're the ones who will be experiencing the magic! Check out our ideas how you can help to pay for your camp space below.


At Camp Enchanted we fully appreciate and understand how daunting being away from home can be for some campers. From the moment campers arrive we instantly ensure they feel part of a group by introducing them to friends in their dorms. They will also be greeted personally by their head counsellors and the team who will be looking after them and sleeping in their boarding houses. 

Each child at camp will be listened to and no worry is too small. Our staff are trained to notice when a child is showing signs of homesickness or struggling to adjust and how to deal with the situation. We are very confident that our techniques will ensure campers feel safe, secure and happy.

If your child is really struggling, we will be sure to give you a call. They can also speak with you for reassurance. 


Coming and going


Arrival day will be in the morning. Parents are welcome on site to meet the staff, collect any merchandise and allow the campers to meet one another before they say their goodbyes. Campers first meal will be lunch on arrival day. 

Check Out

Check out on Saturday will be after the showcase. We will be able to welcome parents on site from 9am and the showcase will be around 10.30, with final goodbyes around noon. 

All staff will be packing up and moving camp from Ellesmere to Ardingly on Saturday 17th August, so a swift departure is much appreciated. 

Sleeping Arrangements 

Campers will be sleeping in Bunks. Their Bunks will be either single, twin, triple or quads. Younger campers will share and our oldest campers and CIT’s will be given the chance to have a room to themselves.


There will be a staff bedroom in each boarding house and all campers will be made aware of where they are located, should they need any reassurance at night time. 

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The Daily Timetable

A fully extensive timetable will be sent out closer to the start date when we have finalised all activities. 


Campers can expect to spend 4-6 hours in their chosen major each day and they will also get the chance to choose a daily minor. Afternoon and evening activities will bring the whole camp together and campers will also have time to wind down and chill with their new friends.

CampStash (pocket money)

Campers are given the opportunities to practise good money management at camp. You can load up any amount of pocket money for them to spend throughout their time at camp. There will be treats available for campers such as tuck shop on Movie night but the sweet treats will be limited. There is an on site coffee shop, where campers can grab something late evening or mid morning if they are really hungry between meals - however 3 freshly cooked meals and snacks are already supplied.


Campers can spend their money on camp merchandise which ranges from hoodies and crop sets to note books for their new friends to leave them messages and contact details in. They can also choose to do t-shirt tie dye and buy any extra tees or socks, they could also buy extra popcorn on movie night, or have a pizza treat.


Amounts over £10 which your child doesn’t spend by the end of the week will be credited back to your account.


What will my child be eating?

Campers will be making the most of a freshly cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. To give you an idea, last years Summer Camp menu at Ardingly College can be found here. 

During their time in the dining hall, campers will be sat in the same group every meal time along with a counsellor. This ensures they are never sat on their own and always given the best opportunities to make deep friendships and gives their counsellor the best chance to get to know them.  In the dining hall there is a serve-yourself drinks area where they have unlimited access to juices, hot drinks, water, squash and more healthy refreshments. 

There is also an on site coffee shop. Campers can use some of they CampStash money of a late evening to visit the coffee shop (when it is open) if they are peckish after evening activity or might like a hot chocolate!

Packing List

In the welcome pack you will see a fully extensive packing list.

We really encourage campers to pack their own bags overseen by a grown up of course! So that when they arrive at camp they will remember exactly where everything is and they'll know what they've packed. It also encourages independence because they'll also need to pack their own bags for home time. 

We have a no devices policy. Please do not send your child to camp with a mobile device, phone, tablet or similar items.  We have a very strict NO NUTS policy, please do not send campers in with any foods containing traces of nuts.. 

Camp Enchanted are not liable for any properties that have been lost or damaged throughout your childs time at camp. Please do not send in any expensive, irreplaceable or sentimental items. 

We recommend a soft bag as opposed to a hard suitcase so they can be stored much easier in bunks


Daily Feedback

Camp Enchanted endeavour to send you a daily newsletter outlining what the campers have been getting up to each day. This is a really lovely way for you to keep in touch with your child and to regularly check in to see some fun pictures of their adventures. 


We will also be keeping our instagram stories active throughout your Childs time at camp so be sure to follow us on the socials to see them on the gram!

Communicating with my child

We understand that you may want to speak with your child throughout their time at camp. Unless the camper is very homesick or needs to speak with parents we would always communicate via email on their behalf. 

Often campers are enjoying themselves so much they don't realise how quickly the days fly by and before they know it they will be seeing you again at home time.


Should you wish to call for a general chat it can create a homesick feeling they didn't have before so we would always avoid this scenario. however we do take into consideration any health or emergency related problems. 

Video call

R. Brennan, 2023 Camper

I hope you are all recovered from camp! I just wanted to say a massive thank you, Mali honestly had the best time ever and hasn’t stopped talking about camp. When she said she wanted to go I was really unsure about it, would she cope, was it too long?! But she honestly loved it! She’s excited for next year already so I think that is a testament to you, your hard work and the success of the camp. 

G. Clack, 2023 Camper

Just wanted to say a BIG Thank you for all your hard work putting together Camp Enchanted!! Jasmine had a fabulous time and without hesitation said she’d love to do it again next year if it happens!!! 🤩 As a parent I’m absolutely thrilled as she’s never done more than 2 nights away from home and being an anxious child this was a massive step for her! 

All the merchandise was fantastic and Jasmine filled out her camp journal so she can remember her first trip to Camp Enchanted full of funny memories!! 

R. Hayes, 2023 Camper

I just wanted to express how amazing we found the camp. To you and all your staff, Jess had the most amazing experience which started months before she entered the college. She was so excited which was lovely to see as she spent hours planning her packing and memory book. She also started forming friendships prior to camp thanks to you having the insight to set this up, which meant Jess already felt like she had friends before starting. 

From a parent's point of view the communication prior to camp was on point and by far the best I've experienced, during camp it was easy to relax knowing Jess was fine from the updates you put on your insta page. The attention to detail was seen in every area from the tag on the baggage to the notices laid out on arrival day. 

Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to this Jess will forever cherish the memories. 

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