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Our Venues

We have travelled up and down the UK visiting some of the most prestigious boarding schools in the country and have chosen 2 outstanding facilities and campuses. Ellesmere College in Shropshire, and Ardingly College in West Sussex.  

Both Ellesmere and Ardingly are absolutely perfect for Camp Enchanted. They both boast outstanding facilities in all these areas:

* Large Sports halls for cheerleading and gymnastics

* Dance studios and areas

* Dining halls to feed over 100 people together

* 3 Freshly cooked meals per day

* Swimming Pools

* Stunning grounds

* Sharing bedrooms 

* Outside fields for games and movie night

* Group rooms for arts and crafts

* Lounge and sofa areas for chill time

* Woodlands 

& more!

Both campuses are very tranquil and peaceful, Ellesmere is situated on a golf course, and Ardingly backs onto a lake.

The Campus


Ellesmere College



SY12 9AB

Ardingly College

College Road

West Sussex

RH17 6SQ

Ellesmere Grounds

Ardingly Grounds

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