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Audition Application 2024

It is really important you give yourself enough time to complete your application and don't rush. You are of course welcome to fill this form in with your parents present but we would prefer the wording to come from you so we can get to know you 

We look forward to receiving your submission and can't wait to meet you.

You can apply for a scholarship if:

* You have not yet booked onto Camp 2024

* You are eligible age to attend camp this year - Summer 2024

* You would like to attend in person or online. 

Applications will be open throughout February. They will close in March when the maximum submissions have been received.

Audition Details:

Auditions will be held on Saturday 13th April 2024, between 4.00-6.00pm. At TKT Cheerleading Gym, George St, Hinckley, Leicester, LE10 0AL

Dancers, Cheerleaders and Gymnasts are ALL welcome to audition.


We totally appreciate that people travel all over to get to Camp Enchanted and may not be able to make the audition date in person. All Online auditions are accepted and online interviews will be completed before the 13th April.  

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