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Auditions 2024


Camp Enchanted is a place where dreams come true. A summer with your best friends, making new friends and doing something you absolutely love all the while learning new skills. 


We want to ensure this experience is available to as many young people as possible and that children who come from a household who may not be in a financial position this year to be able to attend camp, do not miss out. 

Scholarships for Camp 2024

1 x 100% scholarship for a gymnast

1 x 100% scholarship for a cheerleader

1 x 100% scholarship for a dancer

For Ellesmere and Ardingly locations.

Summer 2023 we also gave away a number of scholarships for 20%, 30%, 40% and 50% for our opening year, this could also be considered for Ellesmere as it is the opening year at this venue. 


Audition Overview

There are no pre-requisites to be able to take part in camp or to audition.


There will be auditions in person as well as online applications for those further afield,  

You will be emailed with the results following the auditions. No final decisions will be announced on the day.

Athletes will be able to meet the camp staff, they will have a short interview and be able to speak with the coaches on the day.

Audition FAQ

You must apply for the audition, spaces are limited. No walk ins will be accepted and not all applications will be successful.

Scholarship spaces will not necessarily be awarded to the top performing athlete on the day.


The audition process will look at each attendee’s attitude as well as physical and mental ability. 

All level athletes are encouraged to attend from recreational to elite, 8-17 years old.


Athletes will only be expected to try out in their specific field. ie a dancer will not be expected to attend the gymnastics audition.

If you have already booked a space at camp and paid a deposit you can not take part in the auditions. 

Auditions are for those who are not yet enrolled into camp. Should the bookings become full before the Auditions date, we will have reserved the spaces for the scholarships so if you are successful you will be guaranteed a space. 


In Person Dates & Time

In Person Auditions will take place:
TKT Cheerleading Gymnasium

George Street



LE10 0AL

Date: Saturday 13th April 2024

Time: 4.00-6.00pm

Online Auditons

Will require video submissions of the athlete's own footage, as well as an organised interview to meet one another. These will be completed by April 13th. 

Scholarship Applications for Summer 2024 are CLOSED

Applications for a Scholarship place for Summer 2024 are now closed and will reopen next year for Applications for a scholarship for Summer 2025.

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